This is a one-stop site for gigs listings, reviews and interviews from Nottingham’s jazz, blues and gypsy swing scene.

The city has been brimming with great music, highly talent players and excellent venues for years and the great news is that most gigs based in our town’s pubs, cafés and art galleries are totally free. This site is part of a move to unite music fans, musicians and venues so everyone can enjoy more live music at new and different locations around Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham On Beat is a new and evolving project and I welcome the support and critcal eye of other jazz, blues and gypsy swing fans. With your help and feedback we can create a comprehensive database of gigs, venues and artists for the benefit of the scene.

  1. Charles Borrington

    Hello, I have just come across this site and think it is just what Nottingham(shire) needs. An open unbiased approach to the local music scene. I help out with the Blues nights they have at Miller’s snooker club in Kirkby In Ashfield and was wondering if that was too far out of the city area to be included on your site. If it isn’t then can you let me know and I will do a write up of the venue etc. for you.

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